FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Before trying to solve any issue you might have, make sure the plugin is updated to the latest version.

Can I stop text or items inside holograms from rotating?

No, the rendering is client-side and this behaviour cannot be altered.

Can I hide holograms when viewed behind a solid object?

No, it depends on the client-side rendering.

I can't see the holograms.

First of all, check that the plugin is enabled with the command /hd. It should display the version if it's correctly enabled.

If you let clients join with multiple protocol versions through plugins such as ProtocolSupport and ViaVersion, try disabling them. If you then see the holograms, it's an issue with that plugin thas has to be fixed by its developer.

If I try to use a command it says "/hd (Startup error)".

The plugin failed to load. Check your console, there must be an error. It should tell you what's wrong. If you see a long error (commonly called exception or stacktrace) that you don't understand, check if it's listed below.

Background of the hologram extends further than text.

This is caused by the bold formatting (Minecraft bug). To avoid this problem, use the reset color &r after the bold part ends, before applying other colors or formatting styles.