Animations are used to create simple text or color animations in holograms. The animation will endlessly cycle through an ordered list of strings at a fixed time interval.

Note: placeholders do not work inside animations.


Option Value type Description
interval-seconds number How long each frame should be visible for, in seconds.
animation-frames list The list of strings to display in a cycle.

Example animation

interval-seconds: 0.5
  - "This is an example."
  - "This line will change every 0.5 seconds..."
  - "because it's an animation."

Creating a new animation

  1. Open the folder /plugins/HolographicDisplays/animations/.
  2. Copy and rename the file of an existing animation (recommended) or create a new file and manually add the options.
  3. Change the options of the animation.
  4. Save the file and reload the plugin with /hd reload.
  5. Add the animation with {animation: <filename>}. Example: /hd addline hologram {animation: example.yml}.