Custom placeholders

You can add custom placeholders that contain static text. They are useful if you need to insert the same message in multiple holograms and you want to be able to modify it in a single place, or they can assist in writing unicode symbols.

Default custom placeholders

Placeholder Replacement Description
[x] Full block
[/] Half block
[.] 25% opacity block
[..] 50% opacity block
[...] 75% opacity block
[p] Small circle
[|] Thin vertical bar

Adding custom placeholders

The file /plugins/HolographicDisplays/placeholders.yml contains the list of custom placeholders.
Despite having the .yml extension, it's not a normal YAML file.

To add a new placeholder:

  1. Open placeholders.yml.
  2. Add a new line with the format <placeholder> = <replacement>.
  3. Reload the plugin with /hd reload.
  4. You can now use your custom placeholder in holograms and it will be automatically substituted with the replacement.

You can find unicode symbols on websites like Unicode Table.


[pvp_area] = &cPvP is enabled in this area!