Main configuration

The main configuration is located in /plugins/ChestCommands/config.yml.

This is the default configuration with descriptions:

# Default color of name and lore of icons, if no other color is present.
    name: '&f'
    lore: '&7'

# String used to split multiple commands in the COMMAND icon attributes.
multiple-commands-separator: ';'

# Only open menus when their commands are executed without arguments.
# For example, "/menu" would open a menu while "/menu 123" would not.
use-only-commands-without-args: true

# Sets if error messages in the console be colored.
use-console-colors: true

# Cooldown (in milliseconds) between multiple clicks on icons.
# This prevents executing icon actions too frequently.
anti-click-spam-delay: 200

# If enabled, the plugin checks for updates and sends a notification to administrators when they join.
update-notifications: true