Recent changelogs

Changes in 4.0.5

  • Change Fix Chest Commands closing the GUI of other plugins in some cases.

Changes in 4.0.4

  • Change Smaller bug fixes.

Changes in 4.0.3

  • New Added support for custom colors in hexadecimal format (Example: &#FF87D1), which only work in Spigot 1.16 and higher.
  • Change Improved error message.

Changes in 4.0.2

  • Change Internal changes to the API.

Changes in 4.0.1

  • Change Internal changes to the API.

Changes in 4.0.0

  • New New developer API: you can now create, manage and open new non-persistent menus through the API, rather than just opening the ones in the menus folder. You can also register new placeholders.
  • New Improved error logging: more accurate error details and better visualization.
  • New A new command /cc errors has been added to view the last loading errors.
  • New Icon material can now be air (the icon's slot will be clickable but no item will be displayed).
  • Change Icon attributes, menu settings and actions will now only accept the exact format described on the documentation (many were changed in v3.3.0). For example, ID is now MATERIAL and cannot include the durability or the amount anymore (DURABILITY and AMOUNT have to be specified separately). On the first startup, menus will be automatically updated with the correct format.
  • Change The plugin now requires Bukkit/Spigot 1.8 or greater and Java 8 or greater.
  • Change Renamed placeholders.yml to custom-placeholders.yml and changed the format to valid YAML (rather than a text file with a .yml extension). The old file will be updated automatically.
  • Delete The following options were removed from config.yml:
    • use-console-colors: console colors are now always enabled.
    • use-only-commands-without-args: commands will always open a menu even when used with arguments (for example both /menu and /menu 123 will open the example menu).
    • multiple-commands-separator: using the attributes ACTIONS, ENCHANTMENTS, REQUIRED-ITEMS or the menu settings open-actions and commands with multiple values on a single line is no longer possible (a list is required, even for one element).
  • Delete The following messages were removed from lang.yml, as they are only displayed to administrators:
    • open-menu
    • open-menu-others

Changes in 3.3.1

  • Change Fixed menu signs not working on Minecraft 1.13+.

Changes in 3.3.0

  • New PlaceholderAPI support in attributes (NAME, LORE, ACTIONS).
  • New Added support for placeholders (notably {player}) in SKULL-OWNER.
  • New Added support for multiple items in REQUIRED-ITEMS.
  • Change Some options were renamed. Some options with multiple values now use lists instead of semicolon-separated values on a single line. You should update your files, but previous names and formats will still work (for now).
  • Change The following actions were renamed:
    • ID was renamed to MATERIAL
    • COMMAND was renamed to ACTIONS
    • DATA-VALUE was renamed to DURABILITY
    • In menu-settings, command was renamed to commands
    • In menu-settings, open-action was renamed to open-actions
    • In, id was renamed to material
  • Change The following options are now lists:
    • commands in menu-settings
    • open-actions in menu-settings

Changes in 3.2.0

  • New Added NBT-DATA node on icons for setting custom NBT tags (e.g. banner patterns).
  • New Add DURABILITY node as alias of DATA-VALUE.
  • Change Replaced MCStats with bStats for tracking usage metrics (
  • Change Updated example menu for 1.13+ and added an example with NBT-DATA.
  • Delete Removed PlayerPoints support.

Changes in 3.1.4

  • Change Fixed getOnlinePlayers() error.

Changes in 3.1.3

  • Change Updated to work with Spigot 1.9.

Changes in 3.1.2

  • Change Attempt to fix a Bukkit bug where wrong amounts of items are being given with the give: action.

Changes in 3.1.1

  • Change Updated the attribute hider for Spigot 1.8.3 and greater.

Changes in 3.1

  • New Added support for placeholders in icon descriptions ({money}, {online}, etc.)
  • New Added menu-settings > auto-refresh to set how frequently the menu will automatically refresh placeholders.
    Note: {money} is automatically refreshed after transactions via Chest Commands regardless of the option value.