Main command of the plugin, short alias of /chestcommands. Shows version, developer and help command.

/cc help

Lists the commands of the plugin.

/cc reload

Reloads the configuration and the menus.

/cc errors

Displays the errors occurred during the last load on the console.

/cc list

Lists the correctly loaded menus.

/cc open <file>

Opens a loaded menu from the file name, useful for menus without a configured command.
The specific permission to open the menu is still required:<file>.yml

This command is only for administrators.

If you want to allow players to open a menu, modify the customizable command inside the menu settings and give them the correct permission.

If you want to open a menu inside another menu, use the open click action.

/cc open <file> [player]

Opens a menu for another player. Having access to this command also grants access to open all menus.