Colors & formatting

Colors and formatting codes can be used inside all texts displayed inside menus or in chat.

Custom colors

Custom colors only work in Spigot 1.16 or higher, and they are only displayed correct by clients on Minecraft 1.16 or higher.

Display custom colors by using the hexadecimal color format: &#<HEX color>. The HEX color must consist of exactly 6 hexadecimal characters (which are 0123456789abcdef, case insensitive).

HEX color pickers can be helpful to find the correct codes, such as this one.

Example: /hd create example &#FF87D1Pink

custom color

Standard color codes

Color code Description
&0 Black
&1 Dark blue
&2 Dark green
&3 Dark aqua
&4 Dark red
&5 Dark purple
&6 Gold
&7 Gray
&8 Dark gray
&9 Blue
&a Green
&b Aqua
&c Red
&d Light purple
&e Yellow
&f White

Standard formatting codes

Formatting code Description
&k Obfuscated (displays randomly cycled characters)
&l Bold
&m Strikethrough
&n Underline
&o Italic
&r Reset (removes previous colors and formatting)