Lists the existing commands.

/farm reload

Reloads the plugin.

/farm check

Instantly runs the periodic task to check for mob farms and removes exceeding entities. It tells the executor the amount of entities removed (even if no message is broadcasted).

/farm entities [world = current] [minTypeAmount = 10]

Lists the amount of entities by type (including non-living ones) in a given world.
This command doesn't list groups of nearby entities, it just sums the number of entities by type.

Parameter Default value Description
[world] Your current world World to analyze.
[minTypeAmount] 10 Only entity types with amounts equal or greater than this number will be displayed.

/farm search <entityTypes> [distance = 5] [worlds = all]

Manually searches the biggest groups of the specified entity types.

If the executor has the permission to use /farm teleport, a clickable text will be displayed to teleport to the center of an entity group.

Parameter Default value Description
<entityTypes> - Comma-separated list of entity types to check (same format as in the config rules).
Don't use spaces!
[distance] 5 Distance used to determine if entities should be considered part of the same group.
[worlds] All worlds Comma-separated list of worlds to check (same format as in the config rules).
Don't use spaces!

/farm teleport <world> <x> <y> <z>

Teleports to a position. Used internally by /farm search to teleport to the location of entity.