Unicode symbols can be troublesome to type in Minecraft, if you use any of these placeholders inside a hologram it will be replaced by the corresponding symbol.

Placeholder Replacement Description
[x] Full block
[/] Half block
[.] 25% opacity block
[..] 50% opacity block
[...] 75% opacity block
[p] Small circle
[|] Thin vertical bar

How to add custom symbols

Open the file placeholders.yml. Each line associates a placeholder with one or more symbols.

  1. Choose a symbol (from websites like Unicode Table).
  2. Find its HEX code. For example, the HEX code of this symbol is U+2605.
  3. Format the HEX code like so: \u2605 (This is how java is able to see the symbol).
  4. Choose a placeholder, for example [star].
  5. Add [star] = \u2605 in a new line to the file symbols.yml.
  6. Reload the plugin with /hd reload.
  7. You can now use the custom symbol in holograms, for example: /hd addline test [star].